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Submit Your Space Game Idea

Create a completely original game to play in microgravity for the #EqualSpace Challenge.

Win CASH rewards. Achieve intergalactic FAME. Make HISTORY.

Submission Requirements

  • Name The Game

  • Detail The Game: Identify who plays on the team (maximum of 4 players per team)

  • Detail Team and Players (“Astroletes”)

  • Detail The Rules: Describe how the game is played and scored, including any penalties imposed on the Astroletes and how disputes are resolved

  • Determine Objective: What is required to “win” the game?

  • Include still and/or moving images of your game development creative process.


All submissions will be subject to the #EqualSpace Challenge Official Rules & Guidelines — view the complete list of #EqualSpace Challenge Official Rules & Guidelines here.


Required: All submissions must be accompanied by a written submission.

Check out this example written submission for the #Energy game.

Optional: Visual Aid
To help your submission truly come to life, you can include a visual component to your submission.

Check out this example storyboard for the #Energy game, or watch the example video!

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