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Space Games Federation invites you to come up with an original game that can be played in Zero Gravity. Submissions can include storyboards, animations, video and or audio presentations. All entries must be accompanied by a written explanation. Check out the Entry Requirements to know more!

There are many benefits to having your game be a part of this, first of it’s kind, challenge. Throughout the journey, contestants will be rewarded with SGF paraphonelia, Scholarship Monies, VIP experiences and more!





 Submission Requirements

  • Name The Game
  • Detail The Game: Identify who plays on the team (maximum of 4 players per team)
  • Detail Team and Players (“Astroletes”)
  • Detail The Rules: Describe how the game is played and scored, including any penalties imposed on the Astroletes and how disputes are resolved
  • Determine Objective: What is required to “win” the game?
  • Include still and/or moving images of your game development creative process.

All submissions will be subject to the #EqualSpace Challenge Official Rules & Guidelines — view the complete list of #EqualSpace Challenge Official Rules & Guidelines here.

Sample Game Submission

Written Submission Required:
All submissions must be accompanied by a written submission. Check out this example written submission for the #Energy game.

Visual Aid Optional:
To help your submission truly come to life, you can include a visual component to your submission. Check out this example storyboard for the #Energy game, or watch the example video on the right!

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