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A truly innovative concept in entertainment and education.
And now YOU are on the ground floor of an exciting opportunity.

The #EqualSpace Challenge

Game Play In A
Parabolic Arc Plane

It may quite simply be the coolest thing you’ve ever seen or experienced in your life-time. Games in real, simulated or virtual zero gravity environments. Be a game designer, spectator or become an Astrolete.

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The #EqualSpace Challenge:
Design A Game

The #EqualSpace Challenge is open to anyone and everyone! We welcome those of all ages, genders, and levels of ability or disability to design and develop their own games to be played in zero and micro gravity.

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Cash, Rewards &
VIP Tour of NASA

After a series of judging, the top teams selected will be invited to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston for a VIP tour and have an opportunity to present their concept to the panel in person for a final round.

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Dream Big,
Submit Your Design

Review some of our sample submissions, read the rules, get your team together and submit for review online. The winning submission will be named “Inaugural Game of the Space Games Federation.”



How’s it work?

From a stabilized level-flight attitude at 20,000 feet, the aircraft increases attitude. During this phase, the weight is 1.8 times greater than normal weight for 24 seconds. The crew then performs a maneuver called “injection”: the aircraft trajectory is piloted to follow a kind of parabola and the power thrust is reduced. The vertical load factor goes from 1.8g to zero gravity for about 22 seconds. The first pilot adjusts the control stick tilt to maintain the vertical load factor at zero, while the second pilot maintains the roll angle at zero, and the mechanic adjusts the thrust of the engines to cancel the longitudinal load factor. An exit phase at 1.8 g, symmetrical with the entry phase, is then performed on the descending part of the parabola to return the aircraft to a stabilized altitude level within about 20 seconds. Parabolic flights are a gateway to weightlessness. They are dedicated to scientific experiments and to space equipment technological testing.


Space Games Federation was founded to expand competitive sports and games into outer space, share it with the world and advance STEM and STEAM integrating Space and Athletics.

STEAM is designed to integrate STEM subjects into various relevant disciplines in education. These programs aim to teach students to think critically and use engineering or technology in imaginative designs or creative approaches to real-world problems while building on students’ mathematics and science base. 

Developing the games that will ultimately be played in outer space encourages collaboration and cooperation and promotes advancement in: physics, physiology, mechanics, engineering, aerospace, robotics, optics, mathematics, astronomy art and athletics.

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How do I become an Astrolete?

A hybrid part astronaut and part competitive athlete; the approximately 554 people that have been to space, and those in the future will not only hold the title of Astronaut, but that of a honorary Space Games Federation Astrolete.

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