Space Games Federation is the international organizing and sanctioning body for games and sports in zero gravity.

Honoring the history and expertise of NASA supporting the latest advancements in private space ventures and technology, SGF offers the human race the unprecedented opportunity to engage in a unique fusion of Space and Athletics. By providing structure and regulation, resources to test and explore, and access to world-class experts, SGF seeks to bridge the gap between earth and space in the spirit of competition, fun, and community.

SGF is comprised of experts in the space, sports and entertainment industry, featuring influential leaders and thinkers that are driving the growing mainstream popularity of space. Our team collectively envisions the past, present, and future of the space industry as invaluable to the human experience, and aims to marry entertainment and education — e.g, edutainment — to make this experience accessible to the world. We are strongly committed to supporting the STEAM initiative — science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics — as well as adding our own dimensions of space and athletics to these efforts.

Beginning with the #EqualSpace Challenge, SGF invites competitors of all ages, genders, and levels of ability or disability to design and develop their own games to be played in zero gravity. This is an extraordinary new world in which games like Quidditch become a reality. Submissions will be judged and voted on, with finalists vying for the ultimate grand prize of Official Space Game, to kick off the very first season of league selection and game play.