Game Description:

#ENERGY is a game of skill and chanceon a zero-gravity plane. Skill, Parabloic Arc, Chance, Athleticism and Understanding of gravity account for the game’s success. #Energy is adaptable to play on the ISS and a stadium on the Moon. #Energy has the power to create power among the industry, literally and figuratively. #Energy consists of two teams, with seven players on each team. On each team are four Astroletes®, and three coaches. The coaches are Head Coach, Flight Coach and Mission Control Coach.

Zero gravity planes attain zero gravity/micro-gravity in 30-second intervals, based on parabolic arcs. Gameplay will be conducted during these 30-second intervals with the option to rotate players in and out of gameplay in between arcs. This is the Uncharted Play Energy SOCCKET Ball. Weighing about 30 grams heavier than a standard soccer ball. SOCCKET, an energy-harnessing soccer ball by Uncharted Play, captures the kinetic momentum generated during play, then stores this energy inside the SOCCKET for use as an off-grid power source. Just 30 minutes of play can power a simple LED lamp for three hours.

The objective of Energy is to bounce the energy-gathering SOCCKET ball off your head or legs to your team member on the opposite side, while keeping the ball away from your opponents.

24 minutes of game play, three rounds of 16 intervals, 30 seconds each. Wall Leverage, five points, Head Bounce, 15 points, Knee Bounce, 10 points, Body Pass, zero points. Arm Touch, negative five points, Hand Touch, negative 10 points. Bonus points are accumulated by using the wall as leverage, and punting the ball with your legs. After gameplay, the aount of energy collected by the SOCCKET will be measured and added to the points form gameplay. The team with the most points wins.

Team Roles
Astroletes, two active during gameplay, substitutions optional during intervals. Coaches, Flying Coach: Determines condition of players and need for substitution. Mission Control Coach: Informs on timing, intervals and monitoring vitals. Head Coach decides on startegy for most points to get the highest score.

There’s a chance for strategy between players because #Energy uses enough elements of skill and technique with the benefits of zero gravity. Beucase the intervals are only 30 seconds, the competitive level is high and keeps viewers interested. #Energy will be able to be viewed in Virtual Reality helping bring the viewers to the game and fully immersive experience for a fan to be pa part of the Astrolete’s and coach’s journey. There is also potential for an #Energy fantasy league app with all the stats and points to #Energy collected, as well as athletes’ vitals and injuries made available to the fan. Additionally, an electronic VR game will be created from the original #Energy that really does come to life. Virtual Reality is truly a part of reality.