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Space Games Federation is the first organization to sanction competitive sports in zero and micro-gravity.

SGF is comprised of influential leaders and thinkers from the worlds of space, sports, and entertainment.

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We’re making history by taking sports to space–but not without your help!

The Equal Space™ Challenge

Parabolic flights, the ISS, the Moon, Mars, and beyond! The possibilities are endless.

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Are you ready for Sports in Space?

We narrowed down hundreds of global submissions to the top “Sweet 16,” bringing us one step closer to launching the First Official Sport in Space.

Stay tuned as we gear up to announce our Semi-Finalists, who will be moving on to compete in the final round!

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It's #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth! #DYK who Mary Golda Ross was? Check her story out below:
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National Air and Space Museum @airandspace
Pioneering aerospace engineer Mary Golda Ross (Cherokee) was the first female engineer recruited to Lockheed's legendary Skunk Works. More on her inspiring career: #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth #BecauseOfHerStory
📷: @SmithsonianNMAI

#ICYMI: Did you spot the astronaut on @olay's "Her Future is STEM-sational" float in the #MacysParade yesterday? Let's #MakeSpaceForWomen! #EqualSpace

Happy #FounderFriday! #DYK our founder Linda Rheinstein is a Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame Inductee?! #SportsinSpace

Yes, what a great #Thanksgiving reminder 🙌
Give thanks, enjoy good food, and be sure to take care yourselves this holiday! #happythanksgiving
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Johnson Space Center @NASA_Johnson
Happy Thanksgiving! Time for some good food & company. Our astronauts on @Space_Station are spending #Thanksgiving away from their families, like many of us on Earth this year, but staying connected to one another is beneficial for our mental health:

SGF wishes you a #HappyThanksgiving! We are incredibly thankful to all of you for supporting us on our journey to create an equal, diverse, and inclusive future for sports. Tell us what you are thankful for this #Thanksgiving 🦃 SpaceGamesFed photo

#DYK the @Space_Station has been in orbit and continuously manned for 20 years, benefitting us on Earth?! See if you can spot the #ISS in the sky near you:
📸: The Crew of STS-119
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STEM Edutainment

How does a zero gravity plane work?

From a stabilized level-flight attitude at 20,000 feet, the aircraft increases attitude. During this phase, the weight is 1.8 times greater than normal weight for 24 seconds.

The crew then performs a maneuver called “injection”: the aircraft trajectory is piloted to follow a kind of parabola and the power thrust is reduced. The vertical load factor goes from 1.8g to zero gravity for about 22 seconds.

The first pilot adjusts the control stick tilt to maintain the vertical load factor at zero, while the second pilot maintains the roll angle at zero, and the mechanic adjusts the thrust of the engines to cancel the longitudinal load factor.

An exit phase at 1.8 g, symmetrical with the entry phase, is then performed on the descending part of the parabola to return the aircraft to a stabilized altitude level within about 20 seconds.

Parabolic flights are a gateway to weightlessness. They are dedicated to scientific experiments and to space equipment technological testing.

As explained by NASA.

Today’s sports need Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, nearly as much as jobs in science. Space Games Federation’s STEAM+ Program adds Sports, Space and Athletics to the current STEM curriculum taught across the country, preparing the next generation for not only terrestrial jobs, but also new careers in all aspects of Space. And with STEAM+ making learning more engaging and fun, Smart really is the new Cool.

What is an Astrolete?

Space Games Federation® also sees the birth of new professions, jobs and careers like the ASTROLETE®. A combination of “astronaut” and “athlete,” an Astrolete® is a person with the spirit of an athlete and the skills of an astronaut who uses both to compete in various games and sports in zero or microgravity. Everyone who is an astronaut is considered an Astrolete®, as is anyone who completes a training program created and sanctioned by SGF. Check it out for yourself.

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Meet SGF’s Official Mascot, The Coolest Cat on Earth

#SpaceCat™ is a rather special kitty, not just any ol’ run-of-the-mill feline. He is an official “Medical Alert Cat” to Linda Rheinstein, founder of Space Games Federation®. #SpaceCat™ is of course, also the official mascot of the Space Games Federation®, complete with his own video channel.