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The official home of Sports in Space. Watch the excitement unfold – today.

Sports In Space®

Action. Adventure. Agility. The Next Generation of Sports in Equal Space.

From Idea To Infinity

From the first spark, Space Games Federation lit up the skies. Learn more about where and how it all began, where Sports In Space is at, and most importantly, where YOU, our future fans and Astroletes® are taking us next!

About Space Games Federation®

Zero-G’s, 100% fun. We are Sports Games Federation®, and we’re here to ask: What’s the future of sports—and how will YOU #MoveYourMass?

What are Sports in Space?

The athletics of tomorrow. Space Games go beyond just sports, where the absence of gravity levels the playing field for all in #EqualSpace.

Space Games® Equal Space Challenge

More Challenging Than Anything on Earth and Unlike Any Terrestrial Sport.

No gravity, no problem – we’re rewriting the rules of the game. Click to discover the newest sports.

SpaceGames Federation – Finalists

STEM Edutainment

Space Athletics Playbook – Building the Groundwork.

Stream the latest Space Athletics videos now –
featuring unique educational content from Hollywood creatives to STEM experts.

In Your Space

Get up close and personal with space enthusiasts, athletes, and more.

Slip into the minds of SGF’s favorites. Ready, set… get “in your space.”


New Stars in Equal Space

Meet your newest role models – the athletes of the future. Do you think you have what it takes?


Don’t You Think it’s Time to Recognize a Place Truly About Equal Peaceful Space? #Nobel4ISS

The International Space Station is “Off the Earth, For the Earth.” If you care, please share!



#SpaceCat sure knows how to make life paw-some. Click to launch into an adventure with #SpaceCat.