Game Description:

Inno is a new extra-terrestrial game for Astroletes. It shares a terrestrial heritage and draws on millennia of human experience of game play for inspiration. There are elements of traditional and ancient Earth games (Soccer, Tennis, Lacrosse, Hockey, and Basketball) as well as very modern components (Velcro, rockets, and lasers).

The objective of Inno is to throw or bounce the ball into the opposing team’s goal. The winning team must score the most points by either throwing or bouncing the ball into the goal as many times as possible, and/or score goals using techniques that award the team more points. The objective throughout the game is to have fun, get some exercise, and entertain in new and unique ways.

The game will have four players per team, two defenders and two forwards. The player’s suit surface is made mostly of fuzzy Velcro loop material that will stick to Velcro hook material. The ball itself is also covered with Velcro loops (like a tennis ball with more fuzz). Each suit is equipped with a tank of liquefied, pressurized, CO2 (fire extinguisher) which will be worn as a backpack. The CO2 tank will have a tube with a nozzle on the end attached to it. This nozzle will be used as a personal rocket to steer the Astrolete and push them in the direction of their choice as well as for “rocket shots”. Forwards will have a stick similar to a lacrosse stick with a small mesh cup on the end, which they use to try to throw or bounce the ball into the goal or pass to other players. Defenders will have a racquet they can use to block, bounce or catch the ball.

Each side has a goal to defend that consists of a 4 meter square of Velcro hooks in the center of the side’s goal wall. It is equipped with electronic detectors that light up the goal and sound a goal buzzer when the ball contacts the goal zone.

The court is covered in a mix of Velcro hooks and trampolines, which the ball and Astroletes will stick to or bounce off of respectively. The trampoline portions of the walls are small relative to the Velcro portions, so aim is critical when trying to bounce off the walls.

Astrolete suits cover the entire body up to the neck and are covered entirely in fuzzy Velcro loops except for these particular areas – back of hands, elbows, knees, and balls of feet. These non-Velcro areas can be used to push off from Velcro hook walls since they will not stick. For example, an Astrolete can be attached to a Velcro wall by the heels of their feet. Then making a “tippy-toe” motion with their ankles (pointing their toes) will result in detaching the heel Velcro and propelling the Astrolete off the wall.Inno will keep spectators on the edge of their seats. Viewers will wish they were players!

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