Game Description:

Microdash is a 100m race through zero grvity in teams of four using foot pedals and handlebars and launching themselves toward the finish line in the fastest time possible.. This is a two team-based sport but can go up to six teams. Each team will have a total of four Dashers who each will have three tries to get to their individual best. Once each team has made all their runs, the best time will be added-up for those teams. With both the best times collectively once.

Each team will have a total of four members. Each member will run three times for their best individual score, meaning in total there will be 12 runs for one team. The team with the lowest total score wins.

Each team member will get three runs to attempt their individual best times. Whichever team has the least amount of time in total will win. The race will take place in a custommade rocket similar to Saturn V or on a custom made part of the ISS.


All Dashers must start in a legal position before the race initiation, which is hands gripped on the small handlebars while feet are on the starting blocks, as Dashers have their bottom low, as if you were a lion ready to attack on its prey.

If the Dasher doesn’t start off like that, then it is considered a “scratch,” meaning that run doesn’t count, and is recorded as “+10 seconds.” This extra ten seconds will be added to the team’s final score. This also goes for false starts and if anything falls off the Dashers during their run. The purpose of this rule is so that runners can’t give themselves an extra object to push off from in the races.

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