Game Description:

Based on the game “Quidditch” from the “Harry Potter Wizarding World”.

The field:
3-D Oval in Earth orbit
Length: 30m
Width: 11M

The Balls:
The Quaffle
The Shooting Star

The Brooms:
Used by players to “fly.” They contain compressed air which allows them movement (3º in Newton’s Law), and is controlled by the player.

Chasers: Three
Keep possession of the Quaffle and try to score goals sending it through the goal hoops

Keeper: 1
Protect the team’s goal hoops

Seeker: 1
Catch the Shooting Star before the opposing team’s, thus ending the game and scoring 150 points

Every goal is equal to ten points. At the endi of the match, the winner team has the major number of points

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