Game Description:

Description Inspired from Harry Potter Player Goals: *Finder-to find the drone before the enemy finder does. *Beater-to stop the scorer from scoring. (Not allowed to score) They are allowed to take it from enemy scorers and beaters. *Keeper-to stop the enemy from scoring in the goals. (Acting as a goalie) *Scorer-to make points, by getting the ball into the goal. *Flyer-in neither team but tries to avoid the drone being caught by the finder.

Rules: *Each team starts on their side of the field. *When the countdown is done, rush to the middle and play your team role. *The scorer will score while the beater protects the scorer while scoring, or stops the enemy scorers from scoring. *The finders job is to find a drone being controlled by the flyer. *Once a goal is made return to the original layout and start again. *If drone is caught that team wins. *A goal is worth 20 points. *Catching the drone is worth 150 points, or wins the game.

Fouls *Any physical violence *Beaters are allowed to grab on to the ball while being held but anything too aggressive will be a foul. *No kicking *FOULS RESULT IN A FREE THROW INTO THE ENEMIES BASKET WITH ONLY THE KEEPER STOPPING

Game Modes *Game only ends once drone is caught. *Point set goal such as 100 so the finder and flyer are unneeded.

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