Game Description:

The name of my game would be “”Tickle & Fight Race,” and the playing field would be the ISS. The fight and race would start in the Kibo Laboratory and would include trwo teams of two members each.

The team members would race to dress in at least three Harajuku fashion items and then race by the gardening section of the ISS;

The “Astroletes,” who must love to tickle, woud, then compete to pin the members of the other team for at least a 10 second tickle of appropriate location and pressure or stress, to the floor, ceiling or any sanctioned wall.

While wearing head cams for a wide Earth broadcast of the Ticke & Fight Race, with equally available distribution initially offered.

Disputes are resolved on a delay back on Earth. Three or more disputes lead ti suspension of the game for the entire trip.

Winning team both tickled, or one team member tickled twice, and before the other team.

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