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Five Space Games from the Equal Space Challenge will proceed to the final round of judging by the Space Games Selection Council; the winner will be sanctioned to take flight in 2020.

LOS ANGELES, CA OCTOBER 22, 2019 Space Games Federation (SGF), the first organization to sanction competitive sports in zero and micro-gravity, today announced the five Semi-Finalists from the Equal Space Challenge that will compete for the title of First Original Sport in Space.

“We’re thrilled to be heading into the next stage of our mission to bring competitive sports to space,” said Linda Rheinstein, who co-founded SGF with Astronaut Gene Cernan, the Last Man on the Moon. “When we envision our collective future in space, the possibilities for scientific progress and economic growth are obvious—but what about the enrichment of human lives and keeping one’s sanity?

“This is where Sports In Space will play a key role in fostering understanding, cooperation, and a sense of community on a truly global scale. Zero and micro-gravity playing fields open up new possibilities for inclusive participation like never before—that’s why we call it Equal Space. We’re creating new opportunities for humans from all backgrounds, ages, genders, and dis/abilities, in the spirit of fun and friendly competition.”

SGF launched the Equal Space Challenge in 2018 by inviting the global public to create original game ideas for zero and micro-gravity playing fields—including wind tunnels, parabolic flight planes, and the International Space Station. Hundreds of initial submissions were evaluated by SGF’s team of industry experts on the basis of concept and feasibility, game strategy, community engagement, and submission execution, and the top 16 were selected to move to the next round. Now, a worldwide online crowd vote has further narrowed down the contenders, bringing the world one step closer to its first-ever space game.

The five Semi-Finalists will proceed to the final round of the competition, in which their concepts will receive 3D simulation treatments from SGF’s creative production team and they will be coached to pitch to the Space Games Selection Council (SGSC). The last one standing will be named the World’s First Official Sport in Space, sanctioned by SGF to take flight in 2020.

The Semi-Finalists are:

  1. Shooting Star by Giulia & Gianluca Bassani (Collegno, Italy)
    Objective: Guide a ball through one of three heavily-guarded goals, while looking out for a remote-controlled drone.
  2. Spaceball by Etan Grant (Los Angeles, CA)
    Objective: Get a magnetic ball through a hoop of the same polarity, while the opposition attempts to do the same.
  3. Inno by Elizabeth Huber (Los Angeles, CA)
    Objective: Utilize trampolines and Velcro®-padded walls to throw or bounce a ball through the opposing team’s goal.
  4. Space Dodgeball by Julisha Jean-Jacques (Palm Bay, FL)
    Objective: Dodge incoming balls from an opposing team by throwing obstacles in their way.
  5. Zero Gordian by Michael Ricciardi (Seattle, WA)
    Objective: Race the clock to tie an increasingly-complicated series of knots while tethered to a teammate.


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About Space Games Federation

Space Games Federation (SGF) is the first organization to sanction competitive sports in zero and micro-gravity. By providing structure and regulation, educational resources, and access to world-class experts, SGF is opening up new opportunities for the human race to engage in the unique fusion of space and athletics. SGF is powered by a team of influential leaders and thinkers from across space, sports, and entertainment, who share the vision of a collaborative and inclusive future for humanity in space. For more information about Space Games Federation, please visit


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