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Come Together to Celebrate the Peaceful Legacy of the International Space Station

The ISS has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the fourth time this year—
and space leaders and lovers around the world are rallying for its candidacy.

LOS ANGELES, CA JULY 23, 2020 Space Games Federation (SGF), the first and only organization to sanction competitive sports in zero gravity, today released a new PSA video in support of the International Space Station’s candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Featuring former Astronauts Peggy Whitson, Koichi Wakata, Frank DeWinne, Nicole Stott, Cady Coleman, and Terry Virts, the #Nobel4ISS PSA Video celebrates the ISS as a symbol of international peace in action, with a long legacy of collaborative human endeavors and accomplishments that continue to this day.

Other appearances in the PSA include former NASA Human Space Flight Manager William Gerstenmaier, professional athletes Myles Turner (NBA) and Brock Vereen (former NFL), and space industry leaders Masatoshi Nagasaki (Space BD Inc.) and Yuske Taguchi (GITAI).

This is the fourth time the ISS has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and its significance could not be more relevant. In light of the many challenges humanity is currently facing, the ISS remains steadfast in its commitment to global cooperation. For twenty years at two hundred and fifty miles above Earth, it has represented the largest international peace time endeavor in the history of humanity.

“Astronauts aboard the ISS have been setting the example of living and working together peacefully—a harmony we have yet to realize on Earth. This is accomplished in spite of the conflicts that have existed between their nations terrestrially, and in the face of the significant challenges of surviving in space,”  said Linda Rheinstein, Founder and CEO of Space Games Federation.

“It turns out we don’t need to look too far to imagine what a collaborative future for humanity would be like—we just need to look up, and remember that the ISS, this brilliant inanimate object, is already doing it, every single day. And it deserves our recognition.”

Space Games Federation—whose founding members include the late Astronaut Gene Cernan, Last Man on the Moon—has been a staunch supporter of the ISS’s candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize for many years. “Space represents a great equalizer, and provides new opportunities to achieve greater equality and inclusivity. We believe that microgravity levels the playing field, and as we work to bring games and sports to space, we intend to bolster and champion entities like the ISS that are paving the way for an equal, peaceful future for humanity.”

The #Nobel4ISS movement is calling on space lovers and peace advocates from around the world to support the ISS’s candidacy for a Nobel Peace Prize. Anyone is welcome to join the conversation using the hashtag #Nobel4ISS on social media.

#Nobel4ISS PSA Video Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Peggy Whitson, Former NASA Astronaut
  • Koichi Wakata, Former JAXA Astronaut
  • Frank De Winne, Former ESA astronaut 
  • Myles Turner, NBA Player
  • Alessandro Grattoni, PhD, Professor of Nanomedicine at Houston Methodist Research Institute
  • Valeria Rodriguez, Space Station Explorers Ambassador
  • Ryan Garcia, Actor
  • Abba Zubair, MD/PhD, Associate Dean, Mayo Clinic School of Health
  • Masatoshi Nagasaki, Co-founder & CEO of Space BD Inc.
  • Nicole Stott, Former NASA Astronaut
  • Brock Vereen, Former NFL Player
  • Shari Belafonte, Actress and Singer
  • Yuske Taguchi, Director of Business Development at GITAI
  • Aleksandar Ostrogorsky, Professor of Mechanical & Materials Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Maude Garrett, Television Host
  • William Gerstenmaier, Former NASA Human Space Flight Manager
  • Cady Coleman, Former NASA Astronaut
  • Greg Roe, Acrobatic Athlete & Co-Owner of GRT Inc.
  • Terry Virts, Former NASA Astronaut
  • Chunhui Xu, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Emory University School of Medicine

For more information on the #Nobel4ISS campaign, please visit

About Space Games Federation

Space Games Federation (SGF) is the first organization to sanction competitive sports in zero and microgravity. By providing structure and regulation, educational resources, and access to world-class experts, SGF is opening up new opportunities for the human race to engage in the unique fusion of space and athletics. SGF is powered by a team of influential leaders and thinkers from across space, sports, and entertainment, who share the vision of a collaborative and inclusive future for humanity in space. For more information about Space Games Federation, please visit 


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